Treatment Planning Companion

MDS has developed an online learning platform for Students & Residents. We have centralized the treatment planning learning objectives with a learning path that will help guide them through the world of medical dosimetry and site-specific treatment planning techniques. The modules will provide basic dosimetry overview, and a walk through of the treatment planning process. Concentrating on the student’s clinical goals and reinforcing their didactic course lectures. This is advantages for busy departments and institutions with limited staff and resources. Students will first complete MDS modules and questions may be addressed in-depth with their clinicians, saving valuable clinical time & experience. Students will reinforce their understanding using this process. By the end of their clinical rotation students may refer back to MDS modules for review or refreshments. We believe our design will help students and institutions to gain the most from their clinical experience. Weather it's on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone MDS is flexible and available anywhere, anytime. The possibilities are endless, and we hope we can help everyone achieve their goals. -MDS Admin

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